Thank you September

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Thank you September for...

  • a beautiful, colorful evening at the fair with grandparents and aunts that bring our kids so much joy - we talk about the fair literally all year long; such a simple but impactful childhood memory for our children
  • Walmart pick up on Saturday mornings before 8a that makes me feel so efficient and powerful.
  • my Spanish Club who has surprised and made me so proud several times this past month. They totally took charge at NS f├íntico night, painting faces and encouraging spirit while I just sat back and watched and then my officers completely organized our Homecoming float and it has been such a needed reminder that I can delegate and it all gets done and usually beautifully without me having to carry all the burden. love you guys, thank you! 
  • a day to remember and honor first responders and that terribly tragic day 19 years ago
  • two positive classroom observations that kicked off my first of two semesters of college to get this PA cert wrapped up (finally)! 
  • conversations with Gemma's teachers that are moving us forward in a path that will help her be successful and confident in school. And all the incredible resources online (and friends who inspire me) that guide me in my own understanding of dyslexia
  • Gigi's port out day! the last stop on this year long journey - she is a warrior!
  • the chance to see our healthy little Studerbaby #5 who is growing and doing their thang just fine as our whole life swirls on in chaos. thank you to Meg, my cousin and midwife who is so patient and kind. 
  • the healthy birth of our new friend, Tristan
  • a fifth birthday for our peanut Vially Mary who brings so much life, love, and joy to our family and a birthday that celebrated her with people who love and appreciate all her artistic, silly quirkiness
  • heartfelt, joyful, life-affirming reactions to our baby news - like the minor football team who already so fiercely love and protect Rusty and Violet that they all reacted like they too were getting new younger sibling. Honestly, the sweetest darn thing I've ever witnessed. 
  • lots of homemade dinners again and getting back into the swing of meal planning (finally!)
  • successful cheer and football seasons that help our kids grow in responsibility, relationships, and patience. 
  • delicious dinner and conversation at our Books & Brews book club meeting
  • the beautiful pink sunrises and sunsets that come with fall like a consolation prize for losing a little more daylight each day

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