Around Here 5: 01/27-02/02

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

trying to distract a foul shooter from the opposing team (hah)

Intentional Outdoor hours: 9+ hours (of 1000)
I scored another 3 hours this week when we got a beautiful day on Saturday. The kids and I played outside for a little while, including them penguin-style sliding down our front hill. Violet was legit morphing into an actual penguin she was so good at it! Then, like a true chicken momma, I carried each chicken one at a time to the one part of our yard that is a dirt island (under the pine trees near their coop) and hung out with them while they joyfully pecked and dusted themselves. They were so happy, they were doing everything their little chicken selves could do to show their gratitude for being outside in the not ice/freezing; which mostly consisted of them following me around and pecking at my boots.

Reading One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler and getting in a few chapters of One of us is Lying by Karen M. McManus (another book borrowed from my student Abi - gracias, chica!)

Enjoying a little winter hiatus with two back to back "snow" days that were called for school on account of the temperatures that were dipping down in the -20's. Our whole family was trapped at home for two full days with no extracurricular activities and no where to feel guilty about not going. It was bliss. And then on the third day, we all had a two hour delay (because of temps again) and then my students even got dismissed early that day (haha, a delay and early dismiss in one day!) due to snow! It was a wacky school week, but it was great for our soul. We snuggled up and watched movies, we included the kids in all our cooking and baking which makes them happy, we checked on our chickens and fortified the coop a little from the rough winds, and we played Just Dance as a family.

Giggling at Rusty's answers to these questions:
me: what's my name?
Rust: tah-pa
me: what's Daddy's name?
Rust: toach! (coach)

Giggling even more when Rusty set up the girls' dollhouse board around himself in his bed and told everyone to 'get outta my house'

loving that Violet says 'yemmi' as in 'yemmi go get my snack'

spending some qt with my sisters at Kitty's apartment for an evening. it is one of my 100 small things goals to make time monthly to do a little sisters only happy hour at our houses. (scf means sisters come first and we each have the three letters tattoo'ed somewhere on our bodies). it was the perfect lowkey cozy evening.

Playing fortnite and not being terrrrrrible - okay I only played two rounds but I got 3rd place on a solo attempt, mostly because I just sort of hid, HAH. Then I played squads with Mrs. Conn (aka my friend, Grey's friends' mom, and kindergarten teacher at my kids' school) while we were hilariously terrible and the two random kids who had to deal with us on our team kept calling us mom squad. We were cracking up and telling our sons to stop trying to take the controllers off of us and also telling the kids on our squad to clean up their language because #momteachersdontputupwithnothing hahhaha. I cannot get the moving around to see and I feel like I have a helmet on and thats the worst part of the game.

Basketball season'ing with three basketball games for Greyson - two of which were for the Duke Andrews playoff games. B had two CV basketball games this week (instead of the scheduled three thanks to the ice/cold). The kids and I headed out to Brandon's game on Friday night where I was blessed by the sports booster angel (aka Steph Urban) who told me not to worry about senior night stuff (programs & opposing team gifts) and that she'd take care of it and I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders immediately. I had been dreading trying to figure out how I was going to pull it all off with how little I've been able to be involved in the season this year and just like that she gave me such a gift (thank you so much Steph! You are awesome)

Prepping for spring sports by finishing up the last of the baseball sponsor letters (yay!)

Teaching Capibara con botas capĂ­tulos 5 & 6 in Spanish 1, while Spanish 1 Honors finished up their bullfighting unit including learning more about both las corridas and the protests of the corridas. Spanish 2 prepared to read their second novel this year Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro and Spanish 2 Honors finished up Billy y Las Botas graphic novels & activities just in time for Wooly Week (next week!) Spanish 3 Honors worked on practicing their imperfect past tense in the Martina Bex Acosador Unit

Making crispy bbq chicken wraps; stuffing topped pork chops; rice and chicken soup with 4 ingredient beer bread; cajun shrimp; hot dogs, cheddar brats, and mac & cheese, and a few fridge clean out mix up meals in there too including some taco crescent rolls using up some leftovers. We had lots of yummy breakfast foods while on our snow days including egg & sausage breakfast casserole (thanks Grey!), pumpkin chocolate muffins, and breakfast quesadillas.

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