Marco Planning 2016

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Nearly impossible to believe that it is almost this time of year again, but alas it is upon us and as my past few weeks have been going - I wanted to get a jump start on planning for our elf Marco's return so it could just be all set and ready to roll come November 30.

We still participate in the Elf on the Shelf fun because the kids honest-to-goodness love Marco.  When we look back through our yearbooks they smile and ask questions about Marco like he's a real member of our family.  It it obviously brings a little extra special dose of magic to the season for them.

As in past years, Marco arrives with a note from Santa on November 30th and then follows with a little surprise each morning through December 24th.  Santa then takes Marco with him back to the North Pole when he visits that night.

I try to incorporate some of the other fun celebrations we do throughout the month in with Marco too (in part because it helps me remember the activities and him! hah).  Things like St. Nicholas day, the first basketball tourney of the season, and Rusty's half birthday this year are being helped a little bit by Marco.  We have a Harry Potter Marco this year as the two big kids are obsessed.

Mostly posting for myself (hah), but in case anyone else out there needed some ideas and/or motivation to get a jump start on it.  My theory is this planning outline is my 'set it and forget it- crockpot' method to Elf on the Shelfing.  hahhahahha  #momingsohard

....but first!  Thanksgiving:)
xxoxo I'm thankful for YOU!

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