Saturday, May 2, 2015


Making some creative meals these past few days as we are bare bones in our pantry.  Our second vehicle has been in the shop for the whole past week (!!) so as Brandon has spent his work days at various meetings this week, we have not had time/access to get to the grocery store.  So I've been looking very creatively at our food stock and whipping together some surprisingly tasty treats.  This week I've made, Hawaiian Haystacks, Kielbasa & Potato Bake, and last night I made an egg,  ham, and sausage scramble for dinner.  We also baked some Chocolate Chip & Walnut cookies because I'm obsessed with these cookies and they make me unnaturally happy.

Grateful for warm weather.  so so grateful for the sunshine, flip flops, no jackets, and warm skin.  The two big kids and I had a picnic lunch this week and we spent a solid 15 minutes staring into an ant hill encouraging a little worker ant who was 'working on the tunnels.' The kids played outside last night well after dark and I had all three kids on the tractor with me at once this week mowing the grass (#safetynotfirst) Hello spring, I've missed you so much.

Cheering, lots and lots of cheering.  Grey started teeball last week and we've spent already many an evening at the baseball field watching our biggest baby field, hit, and catch balls.  waaah, grown up.  He told me that he was going to 'walk back with my friend' from the concession stand and left me, Chum, and Gigi standing there like, 'huh?'  Our big boy also got promoted from his Tot Karate class to the big kids' class this week and was introduced to (and fell in immediate love with) sparring.  And our Miss Gemma Rose is kicking butt at gymnastics, especially on the bar where she displays crazy upper body strength.  And Violet girl finally (finally!!) had her top tooth make it's first appearance after weeks of waiting on it.  It's been a big two weeks around  here.

Jogging with lots of thanks to Bullet as he is sometimes the only reason I get out on the trail.  He has been doing so much better with getting some walk/jogs outside of the yard where he sniffs and explores.  He's a great motivator.  Yesterday we headed out for 3+miles together and got a lot of opportunities for him to practice appropriate walking while we passed lots of strangers working outdoors and mowing lawns.  It was a struggle to start (I actually fell once on the road, in front of a group of men working at a garage! because Bullet and I got tangled up.  Oh yea, super embarrassing and also scraped my leg up) but by the end of the walk he was doing awesome and not getting distracted or excited.  Baby steps, people, baby steps.  You can also download the free app WoofTrax to track your dog walking to help raise money for your local animal shelter.  You know I love me some kindness.

Crossing off task no. 82 from my 100 small things list:  Get my hair done (highlight/cut).  No big deal, right?  WRONG!  I have not been to the salon since October 2013!  Honest to goodness neglect, right there my friends.  Luckily, my awesome hairstylist Victoria was able to get my mop under control and ready for summer.  I opted from some blonde highlights and a bob-style cut.  Low maintenance and fresh!  Basically a "Big Gemma" as my daughter informed me while she hung out with me at the salon.  #twinsies

Praying for baby Redden.  The Irving family received heartbreaking news that baby Redden will need surgery as a next step in getting him better; the chemo is just not working.  Please keep him and their whole family in your prayers and thoughts as they try to make scary decisions with confidence and hope.

Boiling over an internet troll on a recent blog post of mine.  It could not have come at a more perfect time with Screen Free Week around the corner reminding me how much a break will do me some good.  Oh Internet, how I love thee but also hate that you give people this false sense of entitlement to be rude to strangers.  bleh.  Anyway, after about a day of feeling offended and seriously annoyed, I'm officially over it.  My mom and sisters helped by responding in the oddly comforting visceral way that reminded me they'd be thrilled to go to arms for me if needed.  While my husband also lifted me up by saying, "That opinion doesn't matter at all, to me, to you, to anyone who knows you.  You're the coolest person I know." (sometimes its nice when he talks to me like we're in high school again, haha) I know the trolls are few and far between, but the sting doesn't hurt any less.

Drinking (or trying to drink) a whole gallon of water a day!  My baby sis and I were talking about how we both need to up our water intake and so we saw this pin and I went for it.  So far of the four days that I've been making an attempt, I drank the entire gallon only one day.  But I've been getting close everyday.  I'm trying to be aware of any changes from the H2O boost and I think I'm feeling like I have more energy...maybe?  In any case, it's got to be good for me, right?  The key to success for finishing the whole gallon I think is to make sure I get some in BEFORE I drink coffee in the morning.

Reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  I know, I'm like three years late to the plate, hahha.  It's an interesting and easy read so far and I'm hopeful I'll finish it next week during Screen Free Week!  I need to pick up my pace a little if I want to complete this task from my 100 small things list!  This task should be a little bit easier to complete moving forward though as I'm in the works of organizing a Summer book club together with two of my favorite blogging friends Ashley and Shelly.  Details to revealed soon, but if you're in need of a reading group for the summer, stay tuned!  We are set to begin June 1 :)

Prepping for Blog Archives Week!  I've been self-diagnosed with blogging block; ie. I've been feeling uninspired with blogging (have you noticed from my lack of posts?! hah) so I'm hoping a trip down memory lane of previous posts for both me and you guys might ignite some new inspiration for me.  I'll be sharing daily on Team Studer Facebook page one of my favorite archived posts each day.  If you're a blogger and are interested in resurfacing some of your best and personal fav blog posts - join up in a #BlogArchivesWeek:  May 10-16, 2015!

This week in interesting internet:

I absolutely loved this article about our micro-generation and how our growing up right along with the abyssal change of technology lends to how we react to the world.  So interesting - I especially loved this quote, "...This made us the first generation of children to grow up figuring it out.."

There has been so much coverage of all that is happening in Baltimore and it's always hard for me to watch people fully gulp down information that they receive without any background or corroborating information.  So in an effort to remind myself that we only get to see what they 'feed' us through the media, I really appreciated this article:  How Western Media would cover Baltimore if it happened elsewhere.  and this satirical video that one of my good friends shared by saying "This is Satire.  This is almost not satire."

This article about how ordering plus size clothes on the internet fit real plus size women.  First, these are the same girls that had me cracking up and wanting to be their best friends in the photoshop article they did.  Second, I never, ever, ever buy clothes online because I know this to be true.  My booty (which I consider to be one of my favorite body parts) ain't no match for buying clothes without trying them on first.  I loved how funny and gracious these women are with themselves.  I was actually just talking this week to Gigi about how I have three pairs of identical jeans:  all same brand (Old Navy), all same style (Sweetheart cut), all same size (10) and all three fit differently.  how is this possible?!

I felt particularly inspired with my own hometown this week on the internet.  Because of this woman's essay into the Kraft Hockeyville competition, our Johnstown rink is in the final running to win $150,000 towards upgrades and being named the first ever Kraft Hockeyville .  Very exciting (and might I add, deserving considering we are the home of the cult hocky film Slapshot!)  After weeks of voting and rallying, the Hockeyville winner is to be announced this afternoon!

I also had one of my archived posts shared multiple times on facebook this week and felt honored and proud to be a voice for Jtown.  And finally my baby sis and I registered for the upcoming Path of the Flood 5K in two weeks!  This truly is a great place to live, and if you need a reminder of how much fun there is going on around here, make sure to Like You! in Flood City for daily updates.

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