Saturday, April 4, 2015

Changing plans yesterday while B was off and was doing some heavy-lifting spring cleaning (burning brush piles and cleaning out the garage with the two big ones) I had planned to take Bullet on a jog while Violet napped.  Alas, the littlest one is teething and refused to be put down.  So Bullet and I took Violet for a 2+ mile walk!  Hahah, forget riding in a car to put her to sleep, a mile or two in the baby carrier with fresh air knocks this little cherub right out!  #childhoodunplugged 

Feeling proud that we are doing so well with removing screens from our day!  I honestly cannot believe how easy it has been -granted the weather has had something do with it - although it hasn't been overly warm (or dry!) the kids are still happy to throw jackets on and go outside and play.  But we've entirely removed tv from our mornings and actually for most of the day (sometimes the day completely!) without any whining.  It makes for kids that use their big (hilarious) imaginations and kids that are tired enough to take afternoon naps for the first time in weeks (Gemma) and years! (Grey)

Giggling at Gemma's funny little observation about the world.  Being three is so silly and also tirelessly exhausting.  She calls a mirror's reflection 'my girl' and says that her 'girl does bad things' like play in 'mumma's make ups.'  um, no, that was you, Gem.  She saw Grey fixing his hair with gel today and asked him if he was talking to his boy.  hysterical.

Celebrating our Mimi's 77th birthday and April Fools day this week.  We made Brown E's for Mimi's birthday party and enjoyed cake and pizza with our cousins at her house.  It was such a nice evening with family (good job, Gigi!).  The big kids got to play with Ariel and Grace while Violet got to sit on the floor with her cousin Ben while they fought over toys - hahhaa, so it begins with those two!

Rearranging the kids' toys and moving them from the living room up into the little space upstairs and (by myself!) hauling the big desk and office stuff into the living room instead.  It was a big (still ongoing) project, but it's brought weird comfort to me this past week.  No more looking at the toys the kids refuse to clean up throughout the day and being able to get computer stuff done (blog, yearbook, etc) while the kids play games or color.  And if they don't put everything away with their toys, it's sort of tucked back in the upstairs nook and doesn't bother me nearly as much!

Energized to be working consistently on our 2014 yearbook this week.  I have been sneaking in some time to finish some pages and it has me so excited and my creative blood pumping!  It is such a daunting task, but once I get started I fall in love with all our pictures and memories from the year before that so easily get forgotten as we trudge through everyday tantrums and drama.  I can't wait for it to be finished and published...I'm thinking another two weeks and I should be done if I keep up this pace!

This week in interesting internet:

This post from 1000 hours outside because I'm obsessed.  #sorrynotsorry:  The Importance of How you See those Scarce Evening Hours  

Because I laughed until I snorted about Honest Toddler's Easter Egg Hunt with a Toddler Fiction vs. Reality post.  Whhhhhy so accurate, "4am  You hear a sound.  Even though you're scared, you get out of bed to see what's happening.  You can barely believe your eyes.  Your toddler is standing in the living room, naked except for one sock..."  HAHAHAHAHA

This silly post had me cracking up from The Chive about 90's instagram photos - read the comments on the pictures, even more hilarious than the photos. 

In case you don't already (who doesn't!?!) follow Humans of New York on facebook  (or on the web) - I'm telling you if you need a dose of world pleasantries in your regular newsfeed of negativity and annoyances, please follow them and be inspired daily.  like hourly.

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