a belly update

Monday, September 22, 2014

welp, I'm still pregnant.

A current family portrait
It's not really that big of news considering our due date is not officially until this Friday, and yet, it feels like a big deal as I have been feeling (and others have been commenting) that it appears impossible our girl is not out in the world yet (read:  my belly looks huge and hanging impossibly low).

Braxton Hicks are out of control, my friends.  That's the big thing;  I can definitely make it until her official eviction date (by the way, that's this Thursday), but so then, let's just co-exist until Thursday and maybe my girl could just happily cook in there until then. I'd be totally patient and fine with the wait.

But, nah.

It's daily false alarms that get my hopes up that maybe, maybe, maybe it will be today!  Maybe she'll come on her own!  And then I'm left only to be annoyed later when the contractions and pain completely go away and I'm left with only this huge, uncomfortable belly, a very unreliable bladder, and heartburn.  bleh.

Also, I've been sick with a head cold for the past two weeks.  The kids and I all have been blowing our noses and coughing like maniacs which makes for a fairly unhappy mumma.  Yesterday I threw my hands up with tears in my eyes to announce, "Can I just be one, please!  Either sick or pregnant!  I don't want to be both anymore!!"

So, we're hanging in there until Thursday.  I'm taking solace in know that we will have a baby this week, so it's just a matter of distracting ourselves until at the very latest Thursday.

We hit up a local Scarecrow festival this weekend where the kids painted pumpkins and fed baby goats with bottles!  It was a beautiful fall day and seeing our kids enjoy the day made it a great family day.

We've had playdates with friends at the playground, visited grandparents at their home and work, and have taken walks to try to keep all of our mind off of the fact that we are all desperate to celebrate this baby girl's birthday.

I recently read a comment in a thread after some ill-advised googling about natural labor inducing tricks that said, "Remember your baby is much easier to care for while she's on the inside" which I have been holding on to in moments of my sheer frustration.  She is much easier to care for right now considering I need only to remember to take my prenatal vitamins and lay around when I'm tired and manage heartburn.  So, I'm trying to remember that when Thursday feels like a year from now instead of actually only three days.

And Bud.  Always, Brandon, who is like a steady beat in our lives that makes everything feel normal and okay even though life can feel overwhelming and endlessly frustrating.  He brings peace when I feel like everything is spinning.  I am in awe of his patience with all this crazy over here (aka me) and he is the daily dose of sanity that I need to get through these final days.

Plus, we have these two hilarious and sweet kids that make us grateful that we can give our full attention to them...for at least right now.  Their little personalities fill our days with incredibly funny and sweet moments that leave us filled with joy.  They are as anxious as we are to meet their sister and spend their days kissing and whispering to my belly, "please come out baby!" followed by their own personal details of just how excited:  Gemma says "I love you so much!"  and Greyson says, "I'm so excited I'm going to explode!" 

If there is anything I have been fully aware of is the kindness and love that has been pouring in over the last few days.  Friends, family, and blog readers have reached out to me to check in to see how I am doing and offer love and kind thoughts in these last few days.  Honestly, I am overwhelmed with the sweet text messages, phone calls, and facebook messages that have trickled in from people just extending love to me and this sweet, stubborn girl.

thank you, so so much.
I am forever surprised and grateful to be reminded that we are surrounded by kind and loving people who take the time to reach out to us and let us know that we have a place in your thoughts and hearts.

three pumpkin bellies


  1. So excited for you to meet your next little. I can't wait to see her face & learn her name... And see how the big siblings do with her!!!

  2. Praying for you today, Tab! Can't wait to see her little face! xoxo