The Mom Next Door Series: Jessica S

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Mom Next Door Interview this week comes from Jessica, a 'sorta'-stay at home mom to her three boys living in Western PA.  I was introduced to Jessica through a mutual friend that we have who was singing her praises in the love and perseverance that Jessica has in raising her family.  After learning more about Jessica and her family, I am so honored to have her voice and story included in the interview series (thank you, Carli for the introduction!)  

Jessica and her husband were informed that their third son had suffered an in-utero stroke and the initial prognosis was very grim; but now - over a year since receiving the terrifying news; Jessica and her family continue to dance, laugh, and cherish each day as a family celebrating the small joys and spreading awareness along the way.


Who are you? I am Jessica Sims. I am 33 years old and live in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. While I love the amazing view from our deck my husband took it a little too far when he moved us into a log home. Talk about endless dusting!!

Who is in your family? My husband and truly my best friend and biggest fan is K.C. Our three sons are Ike, Carter and Quincy.

What do you do for work? Mostly I am a "stay at home" mom that doesn't ever get to stay at home between running my youngest to therapies/doctor appointments and my older two to soccer and baseball games. I do work for Credo, an online tutoring service, as an english/social studies teacher. I'm so thankful for Credo because I can have a flexible schedule but still be "in the classroom."

What has become (at least for now) you're parenting mantra or guiding principle?  Nothing is better than this day! With the birth of Quincy, our lives were changed when doctors told us that he had suffered an in-utero stroke and at best we would have four months with him.

What was the most difficult Mom moment you've had (so far)? The first six months with Q when we held our breath each day hoping that it wasn't the day that something happened that would take him away from us. Also having each doctors appointment when they would tell us over and over again the grim prognosis that we should expect. Thankfully Q is a fighter, we just celebrated 13 months and he is amazing us each day!

What would your pre-mom self be surprised to know about motherhood? It's not all giggles and refrigerator art to be proud of. It is disappointment - when you watch your child try so hard but not be able to achieve something. It is gut-wrenching when you have to watch your child being sick or in pain and there is nothing that you can do. 

What would your pre-mom self be proud to know about you in motherhood? I know every family or situation is different but I like my kids with me all the time. They tag along to every thing from grocery shopping to doctor appointments. We have fun doing the everyday things and KC and I never miss a moment of their growing up. (My family actually jokes about how "selfish" we are with our kids because we don't let them stay over all the time, etc)

Which chore is your least favorite?  LAUNDRY - the gathering, sorting, treating, washing, drying, folding, and then you have to put it all away just to be gotten out again! Thankfully I have a hubby that is willing to do our laundry! Bonus he is able to keep the whites staying white!

What keeps you up at night? We don't have the time for that long list.

What big projects, worries, or events have you busy right now? Aside from Q's therapy four times a week and monthly doctor's appointment things are slowly down for the Sims family. On Mother's Day we hosted Quincy's Quest, a 5k to raise pediatric stroke awareness  (Quincy's Quest website). Plus we had a family wedding and all three boys' birthday parties recently so I'm thankful for a little down time.

Dropping off supplies to Ronald McDonald House
How do you unwind ore re-charge? I adore early morning walks by a local lake, when there are few people out and the dew is still on the grass. The freshness of it all charges me for the day ahead. 

What are the small joys of being a Mom that you treasure most right now? When all three boys are snuggling with me in the morning, either reading our devotions or just talking about what we are going to do that day. I will really miss that day when Ike feels he is too old to snuggle.

What do you miss most from Mom days already gone by? While I miss Ike and Carter being toddlers it is also so much fun to see their excitement for life. How excited they are when they learn something new at school or read a new book that they can't wait for me to read so we can talk about it.

What do you feel like you wish you were better at being a mom? Patience! I get so upset with myself when I lose my patience with the boys. It is such a thin line sometimes. I don't want them to grow up too fast but I want them to be responsible.

What do you feel like you are really good at as a mom? I asked my boys what they thought and they confirmed my answer...silliness and fun. I have dance parties in the kitchen with them after a hard day at school. And birthday parties:  we have awesome birthday parties at our house.

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