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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sometime early last year, I signed Greyson up to receive the Highlights High Five magazine.  It's just like the standard Highlights magazine that has been available for a bajillion 65 years, but it is tailored to a little younger group of kids.  The High Five magazine targets ages 2-6 with its stories, puzzles, and games.

And for the last year, Grey has loved receiving his very own mail in the mailbox!  Not only the receiving the mail part - but we have both enjoyed reading the stories together, finding the objects in the hidden puzzle and putting together the game or mini book that is always on the last pages.  But our favorite part is the 'That's Silly' pages - where we go back and forth and point out things that look silly in the picture.

Our High Five subscription has encouraged time for us to be huddled up on the couch together reading and giggling, but also talking and asking questions.  We have loved our High Five subscription so much - that we've subscribed two of Grey's friends up to receive it as gifts this past year!  Its an awesome gift - and one that lasts the whole year through!

Our blog was recently accepted to be a Highlights Affiliate (the link in the sidebar will always remain) - so if you are interested in taking a look at the Highlights High Five magazine- here's your chance!  As always, they still have the Highlights magazine for kids 6-12 as well.  And what is great, is that if you start your child off on the High Five, you can switch your subscription to the older Highlights magazine once they have their birthday - even if its in the middle of your subscription!

High Five Magazineâ„¢ for Children
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I also want to mention that we will be adding another little gremlin to the Highlights train - Gemmi has just been signed up for her very own mail to arrive - the brand new Highlights Hello magazine that is geared towards 0-2 year olds.  Gem is still sort of in the I'm-going-to-rip-a-page-out-of-this-book-to-see-what-Mum-says phase, so I was hesitant to sign her up - but after learning that the Highlights Hello magazines are bound with thread and have tough washable pages with rounded corners - I was sold.  

Same goes for the Hello subscriptions - if your child grows out of the magazine mid-subscription, no worries - just switch up to High Five at anytime.  (this especially helps if you want to $ave money by purchasing a 2-3 year subscription - since you can move up at any time!)

Highlights Hello Magazineâ„¢ for Children
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Price: 29.64
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And I was delighted to find possibly the next thing on my Highlights ordering list might just be the Highlights Stencil Kit.  Do you guys remember these?  We had them when we were little girls and just looking at them makes me feel giddy and nostalgic.  I feel like they are a relic from my childhood and I can't wait to introduce Grey to the vast fun that is using stencils.

Stencil Set
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Price: 16.98
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If your kids love receiving mail and enjoy puzzles, games, and stories - I think signing up for a Highlights subscription is a no-brainer and a great gift idea to keep in mind as summer birthday parties loom in the future.

If you're interested in learning more about our experience with Highlights High Five - just let me know! We really do love it - this is not solely a shameless plug for my new button in the sidebar, hah.  We truly enjoy our subscription and it has come in handy on more than one occasion when Mumma needs a distraction from the kids making a huge mess - we just get 'Booboo's Mail' and sit at the kitchen table together.  

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