Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I've been forgetting all this week that it is almost Mother's Day.  Mostly because I'm not expecting any sort of special day for myself because I know there's no such thing as a day off from being a Mom.  Not that I even want one (although ask if I do right before naptime or bedtime when Gemmi is fussy and Greyson is whining - you might get a different answer out of desperation!).

So even though today is Mother's Day I know that it will look and feel very much like every other day - I'll still have diapers to change and snotty noses to blow.  Bruises to kiss and hugs to dole out.  Sticky hands to wipe and requests for snacks and milk to fill.

In short, I have been feeling a little jaded about Mother's Day.  Not at all like, 'Boohoo for Me' or lowering expectations - just more like feeling like I don't really need a day where we have to add this layer of non-routine to our life because that sort of just seems like more mess to clean up.  I know that sounds bad, but its honest.

And then yesterday, when the kids and I were running errands, suddenly it dawned on me that Mother's Day has a greater purpose.  You see, as we were leaving the shop - I had just scooped Gem up in a fit because she wanted to run wildly through the parking lot and Grey held onto the hem of my shirt saying again and again, 'I want a snack,' and my purse was sliding off my shoulder and I was in the middle of saying, "Okay guys, let's just try to get home now."

-when I heard someone sweetly say, "Happy Mother's Day."

When I looked up to say thank you - I saw that it was another Mother.

And I realized in her voice wasn't the sound of sarcasm or judgement.
It was the voice of recognition.
She was really saying, "We are in this together."

For all the days that I see other Moms struggling with a screaming child in the grocery store and I try to give a smile that portrays understanding instead of judgement but don't say a word.  And for the all the times that I am red-faced and apologizing in church when the kids are kicking the pew.  And for all the days I feel guilty that other mother's can seem to juggle motherhood better than me.  Maybe on Mother's Day - we strip all of that judgement and condemnation and guilt away.   And we see each other as Mothers.

Maybe Mother's Day is really about celebrating each other.
I see me in you if only because we each care about a child more than our own life.
No matter how different our version of 'care' may be from one another - I celebrate and commend you - another Mother.

So Happy Mother's Day to you Moms - from another Mom.

I feel honored to be in this group with you.
And I am endlessly relieved to know that I am not out here alone - smiling and crying my way through motherhood.

We are in this together.

I hope you get to enjoy this day with the knowledge of that in your heart.

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