2012 pre-holiday jitters

Saturday, November 24, 2012

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I apologize for my totally unannounced blogging hiatus.  I had some sort of pre-holiday jitters this month that came out of the blue and attacked my psyche and set me into a strange laziness coma.

It started after my best friend's 30th birthday party, where I got royally inebriated and danced 2 years worth of pent-up adult freedom out of my bones.  It was awesome to spend the evening with my two best friends...then it was not very awesome the next day when I was incredibly hungover and remembering why I haven't had that much to drink since become a mother; because you are required to act as someone's mother even when you feel like crap and it takes multiple days to recover because I'm an old lady now....anyway, then I was on the phone with a friend who asked what my plans were for the following Thursday, and I was like, "oh, I don't know, why?"  And he was like, "you aren't doing anything for Thanksgiving?" and I was like,

and then I looked at my to do list, and looked around our cluttered/dirty house, and then i glanced at my list of blog posts that need written, and then in an ill-fated moment, I pinsearched "kid christmas" and realized I in no way possess the gumption to make holiday treats that look like santa hats and i was like, "gulp, i'm going to take a nap and wear jammies because there are too many things to do - so i'm not going to do any."

To perfectly sum up my sentiment, my friend Melodye posted this someecard to my facebook wall, and I honestly thought for a moment that maybe she can read minds (Melodye, can you, though?)

so yea, that's what happened to me.
Good news though, it seems I have sorted out my panic and I'm in a much better place these days.  Granted, I'm right now still in my jammies at almost noon - but give me a break - its Saturday.

We've got some things moving in the right direction now.  We've celebrated Thanksgiving (which is my second favorite holiday of the year) and we put a plan of action in place to attempt to get our house organized by new years so that it isn't weighing on our minds for a brand new year (we're going to tackle small parts a little each day starting this week until the end of the year)

I've documented all the blog posts that I have brewing that need finished (including a 25 Rules for Moms with Sons:  1 year later FAQ, our vacation recap, and three months worth of superlatives).  Look for more blogging coming from me, on a more frequent basis!

Holiday cards have already been designed, ordered, and delivered - the earliest I have EVER had them done in the history of my adult life.  I ordered them from Shutterfly (like always) and thanks to their promo, some coupon codes from RetailMeNot - I saved $52 on my order!!!  (cue jaw dropping to the floor)

And we welcomed a visitor to our house this morning; Marco the Elf.  I'll post more about him very soon (including our note from Santa), but to help ease the anxiety about 25 days of Elf mischief, I've already planned out Marco's naughtiness for all upcoming 30 days in my planner, so that I'm not scrambling/forgetting each day.  (thank you, pinsearch "elf on the shelf")

Here's to dropping the pre-holiday jitters and enjoying the season.  Cheers (and good luck!) to all of you out there!


  1. I so needed to hear this today! I am glad I'm not the only one feeling overwhelmed by my holiday to-do list. Like you, I spent a lot of today on the couch, thinking about the to-do list instead of actually moving forward on it. I am inspired by your organization and will make a goal (small as it may be) to accomplish each day. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. This is the honest truth... I saw that and a voice in my head said "send it to Tab." You are the only Momma I sent it to!! Proof positive that the Lord works in mysterious ways... and we are connected somehow :-)

    Love you and may you, B, Boo and Gem have a wonderful holiday season!