Greyson's Baptism

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our little baby was baptized on June 6th at Holy Cross church in Fairview.  It was beautiful mass and he was fairly behaved...hahah, he screamed on the top of his lungs when Father Scott poured the water over his head...but he's a baby, so what did we expect?  We had lots of visitors come to watch our little baby in church, including the grandparents of course:)

Uncle Jonny & Aunt Uch; the godparents

Since almost everyone had to travel in for the baptism, we had a little "pre-party" at our house the night before and made massive amounts of food on the grill...and then ate it all. 

Celebrated Aunt Kitty's 25th birthday

...and at 11pm that night, I was icing Greyson's baptism cake.  I made it and I think my Lisa's gram would have been pretty proud:)

That night, we had a ridiculous thunderstorm/wind storm and woke up to our backyard in shambles.  Our recently purchased tent was destroyed and the grill tipped over!  It wasn't too bad of a clean-up before we headed to church - and we are definitely not complaining....Girard was touched by a legit tornado (!!)

Greyson Rudy, we are so proud of you; even if you did scream outright in church.  Congratulations on losing your original sin:)  hehhe.

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