One last Johnstown visit before the babe!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We headed back to Johnstown this past weekend for one last time before our little sweet baby bundle arrives (only 4 weeks to go!) Brandon had the honor of being best man in Corey and Stacy's wedding.  Corey and Brandon have been friends forEVER, seriously and we had a great time.  We made it back just in time to get to the church for the rehearsal and my feet were swollen from the car ride in.  Oh, pregnancy bliss. 

It felt good to be "home" had been about a month since the last time we were in Johnstown!  Saturday was a long and happy day.  Absolutely beautiful weather for the wedding - in the 60s for a March wedding- crazy!  I was so excited to wear a dress again finally, and after I realized how comfortable it was...I'm pretty sure that is going to be my outfit of choice for the rest of the pregnancy- hhaha.   

Of course, leave it to us to have some type of weird, freak accident on the morning of the wedding.  After we picked up our belly pics (see post!) we went to Brandon's parents' house so he could get ready.  We had strict orders to pick up the groom at 11:30am and I was to drop them off at the church by noon.  (Ceremony was at 1:30pm).  Well, we are just about ready to walk about the door at 11:25am to pick up Core, when Brandon steps on Sydney's tail (his parents' older dog who can't see) and she snaps around, BITES HIS KNEE, and rips about a 6 inch hole in his tux pants.  There he was standing, unscathed, with his hairy knee and shin blantantly exposed to the world.  I could have died.  5 minutes before we have to pick up the groom and Brandon has half his leg hanging out of his tux pants.  As the problem-solvers we are (thanks work!) Brandon ran upstairs to finish printing his best man speech, and I jumped in the car to pick up Corey while dialing the tux shop.  Luckily, they had another pair of pants for him and we were able to roll into the church by 12:05pm...pretty darn good, I think.  **Shout out to Miller's tux shop- they didn't charge us anything for the ripped pants, apparently that $5 dollar accident fee is for exactly that reason!

Corey & Stacy's ceremony was sweet and  perfect and the reception was a blast.  I even made it out on the dancefloor a few times and took my baby bump for a few turns and booty shakes- HHAHAHhaha.  This little baby is going to have some rythm if I have anything to do with it!  It was so nice to spend some time with family and friends before our addition to our little family arrives.

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