Around Here Week 41: 10/04-10/10

Monday, October 26, 2020

 A glimpse into what is like to live in our home just this minute. 

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  509+ hours (of 1000)
We got in a beautiful fall walk on Sunday with my parents and sister on the Staple Bend Tunnel trail. Rust and Vi rode bikes, Grey and his cast walked, and Gemma and Red were in strollers (LOL, because of Gemma's boot). It took us 2 hours to walk the round trip, but it was so beautiful and great to be in the open air all afternoon. The leaves are really turning up for fall this year and looking gorgeous. Everyday we are screaming out the window, "It's a magical day!!" 

Reading and finishing The Grip of It by Jac Jemc. It was so spooky and I really enjoyed it (reminded me a lot of Haunting of Hill House series on Netflix). I wasn't crazy about the ending, but the book gave such creepy vibes the whole time that it was able to hold it's own. 

Visiting the doctor some more. Grey had his follow up x-ray and all looks to be healing well. Only three more weeks in the short cast and he should be good to go with a sling for a week or so after that. Violet and Red had their well checks (6 years and 6months respectively). They both look good and after some quick pokes for Red - we were cleared to go. 

Receiving surprises! Our neighbors surprised the kids with Halloween oreos that were gone in one evening, but not before Red got to try one and blew his mind! (thank you Buncichs!) and then I got a huge package delivered from Sam's Club that contained an 8qt Instant Pot (which has been on my wishlist for so long now!) It was from my personal fairy godmother and most thoughtful friend, Heather (thank you so so much!) and I've been pinning tons of Instant Pot recipes to try out next week! 

Celebrating our ten and a half year old. It was Grey's half birthday this week and I left the house without even wishing him a happy half birthday! I called when I got to school and sang him Happy half birthday over the phone before he got on the bus (hah). We got Silver Bell ice cream after practices that night in his honor. 

Hosting my school's homecoming after party with the Spanish Club in the teachers' parking lot on Friday night. My Spanish Club students and I rode in the Homecoming parade first, then we set up our event in the parking lot during the homecoming game. After the game, the court and anyone else from the community stopped over for dancing, refreshments, and hanging out. The event was in lieu of a homecoming dance (#thankscovid) but the kids seemed to have fun and we didn't end up getting home until 11:30p! Thank goodness for my Spanish Club kids who did so much organizing and last minute changes and updates. I am so grateful for those good kids. 

Getting a kid free night! My parents (Abba and Chum) hosted all five (!!) kids at their house on Friday night into Saturday while B and I advised the Spanish Club after party. It was their first time with all five for a sleepover and in true grandparent all-star fashion - all was well and the kids did not want to leave on Saturday to come home. Thank you so so much Mum & Dad! It was such a relief to not have to worry about bubbas and bedtimes in between helping my students. 

Fall sporting with just practices this week after the covid scare last week. Cheerleaders practiced two nights and football players got in three practices to prepare for our game on Sunday. Gemma also had a night of basketball in her boot - so she just did dribbling and hand drills which was a bummer. 

Teaching during Homecoming week at school which is kind of teaching and more like holding it together through the dress up days, excused student absences for event practices, and having kids in and out of the room constantly working on posters, needing a place to hang out during weird periods, and just madness over all. Spanish 1 worked through the geography unit including our 20 bonus point opportunity test (!) while Spanish 2 finished El Cucuy and started their pre-work on our first novel of the year El Silbón de Venezuela. Spanish 3 Honors started Somos 1 Unit 19: El Biblioburro and Spanish 4 Honors finished their novel Robo en la Noche and got the writing retell information for the final project to close the book unit. 

Making baked pork chops and haluski, breakfast for dinner (egg & bacon sandwiches), and ordering in pizza one night. We were gifted dinner from Pappy & Gigi on Monday (beef over noodles and homemade rolls - yum!) and enjoyed dinner at Abba & Chum's house after our walk on Sunday (roast beef and all the fixins - yum!). I also made walking tacos to sell at the Hoco Spanish Club After Party.