Around Here 6 and 7: 02/04-02/18

Monday, February 19, 2018

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute




Intentional Outdoor Hours: 4 hours + (of 1000)
This winter has really been so wacky. I know I keep saying that, but in this month alone, we've had a snow day, 2 hr delay (both for snow), and an early dismissal for flooding (because it warmed up and poured). I must be better though, because my soul needs it.

Reading and finishing The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin. I really really loved it and finished with tears rolling down my cheeks. Brandon was right beside me as I was finishing it and said, "How about you choose a book next that doesn't make you cry?" haha, he doesn't get books. I read and finished Fiesta Fatal by Mira Canion which is what my Spanish3 Honors kids will be reading in a few weeks.

Laughing with my sisters. Kayla spent a long weekend back in PA and the three of us attended Mardi Crawl (good job Uch!) for laughing, dancing, and karaoking. While Kitty was in town, she squeezed in a belated birthday date with Violet, a birthday date with Gemma, and attended our last regular season basketball game with me (thank God, the kids were bonkers that night). There are so many people that love and miss her and somehow she manages to make quality time for all of us. (xxox love and miss you Kitty! Send us some sunny and warm from Bermuda please!)

Celebrating Valentines day with a lot of love and a little mom guilt. We made and snail mailed Valentines to our cousins (our February kindness!) and then went through the whole classroom valentines dog & pony show. Leading up to the class valentines parties I was a worried and forgetful maniac but my mum came to the rescue and purchased four boxes of valentines for the kids (thank you!) I've been around this Valentine block or two and I decided that I was not buying into the accompanying treats - but it was not without some serious mom-guilt. I had four classrooms of Valentines for goodness sakes - I was not going into debt for these flipping Valentine treats. So I didn't and sent the kids off to their schools with a signed paper valentine for all their friends. And then the kids came home with bags filled to the brim with Valentines and treats (candy! temporary tattoos! pencils! pinterest'ed witty snacks!). Brandon walked into the kitchen after the kids had all dumped their loot on top and said, "Wait? Did you guys trick-or-treat at school today?" because's out of control mommas - we have got to all agree we need to reel it back in for Valentines day. In Valentine celebration of love - B and I shared lunch at Burger King during school (LOL) and got one milkshake with two straws #romancegoals and he brought the girls their annual bouquet of flowers home after school. They squealed and giggled and smiled their little heads off while Daddy beamed.

Gearing up for Gemma's sixth birthday! She got special dates with Kitty shopping and ice cream, Gigi out to eat, shopping, and a trip to the hair salon for some pink temporary hair dyed tips!, and with Aunt Uch and Kevin (and Abba and Chum) at the ice skating rink. We've almost finished up the planning and organizing stage of her birthday sleepover that caters to her love language of gift-giving. As I say every year, it's impossible that she's this old - but also isn't she like ten? She is so mature and grown up and nurturing. My Gemmi Ro - you are so incredible.

Smiling about Greyson's surprise family breakfast he made for us on a Saturday morning. He cooked up scrambled eggs, microwaved frozen sausage, and made toast for the whole family. He even set the table and followed the directions I gave him for brewing coffee. He was so proud to surprise us all and when we all sat down to dinner he said, "Alexa, play My House" (by Flo Rida). I was so giddy about it that I was planning a whole blog post for it about a boy and his breakfast when he was on the cusp of eight year old boyhood...but time is not a friend of mine these days. I may still figure out how to get that post written for the momma I'll be in ten+ years. For her, I just might have to. 

Extra-curricular'ing it. Gemma has her competition cheer routine down and got her uniform last week (so cute!) Her first competition is coming up next week in Slippery Rock! She's excited but nervous too. Grey started indoor baseball practices this past Sunday too. B joined an adult basketball league (and still got it, heh) and my Spanish club is gearing up for their next elementary school visit.

Cozied up with my two best friends, our handsome husbands, and all our babies under one roof. It was such an exhausting (8 kids 8 and under!) and amazing weekend being all together and listening to our kids play and laugh together. So much more to say about this and them and friendship. But for now, I'll say that I pray everyday that my children will have friends as good as my friends.

So tired. no, that's all. we are just so tired. all.the.time.

Trying to get a hold on our galactic spiraling life...but yeah, no. At least not until basketball season is officially over (we've made playoffs! yay? yay!) and probably more realistically not until summer break. But for real, if we're being legit here - probably not until...oh I don't know, 17 years from now?

Making Superbowl snacks in the form of mini taco cups and teenie weenies baked in the shape of a football (hah). We had frozen pizza cut in the shape of  heart for the kids on Valentines day while B cooked up some Shrimp scampi for our grown up dinner after bedtime. I've made a pork roast in the slow cooker which naturally lended itself to loaded pork nachos with the leftovers (yum!), spaghetti with meat sauce, grilled cheese hot dogs, and buffalo chicken dip. We also whipped up two batches of New Baby meals for two our of family friends who brought home beautiful baby girls these last few weeks. We made our standard delivery meal to them (and got in some baby snuggles) of chicken, veggies, and stuffing casserole with a side of double chocolate muffins (for dessert or breakfast!)

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  1. Funny your kids came home with SO MUCH from Valentine's day, while Wyatt's teacher confided in me at morning drop off that day that no one volunteered to bring ANYTHING for his class party! Which is how Carly and I ended up making cookies & attending said party! Seems to be feast or famine! Ha!

    You've got me SUPER EXCITED to read The Immortalists!

    So sorry about the tired, sister. I have to say I laughed out loud about it improving in 17 years. #seriouslythough

    Sending you love and thinking of you everyday. You inspire me all the time. Just knowing we are slogging through the mess that is motherhood (cooking and laundry and dishes) while loving our kids and our husbands and our people, across this country makes me smile and feel less alone.