Around Here Week 43: 10/20-10/26

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  673+ hours (of 1000)
Up about five hours this week and can feel a real slow down of how nature can remind my body to slow down and be easier on myself. I'd like to break 700 this year - which would be a big boost from my previous years' attempts at 1000 hours. There is still a little time left, so I just need to keep reminding myself that there is no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes!

Reading Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate at home and Monster by Walter Dean Myers at school. I find myself going slowly through Before We Were Yours because it hurts a lot in my momma's heart. It is really good, but gosh, it hurts me. Monster is great so far and so many of my students kicked my butt in finishing this one - our Project Lit book club to discuss it is coming up on November 15th, so I need to get a move on with my reading.

Celebrating my number one squeeze who had a birthday on Monday. He's the handsomest and my favorite and I am so very grateful he was born. We kept it pretty simple, but my sisters and Kev surprised him with a variety pack of ipas and some pumpkin gobs! I sang happy birthday with a cookie and a candle right before we went to bed. hahaha, we aren't fancy by any means, but that's the way it goes when you celebrate life together everyday...birthdays and anniversaries kind of become just a date on the calendar.

Missing my guys because holy hunting season, batman. Grey took a 'mental health day' on Monday (our kids get 3 of them for the year and Grey uses ALL of his on hunting and fishing, hah). He spent the entire day in the woods with Pap (no luck). Brandon took a mental health day on Friday (hah) and he spent the entire day in a treestand too (no luck). Both of them went out on Saturday morning too (no luck) and Grey spent the rest of the day at Pappy & Gigi's so that he and Pap could go out again in the afternoon.  Ugh, outdoorsmen.

Feeling the dust settle from post-football/cheer season fall. I had a cup of tea at my kitchen table with a few minutes to read my book the other night with the view of a clean sink and countertop - a first in months now that after school activities are coming to a close. Gosh, it was glorious and although I'm not crazy about the cold, dare I say I can hardly wait for winter to dig into the cozy, slow, evening hibernation feel that my soul needs so much.

FINISHING our 2018-19 family yearbook!! It's done and ordered and I am so happy!

Signing up for the 30 Day Slowdown Childhood Challenge with Wilder Child which starts on November 1st. It's free and it's just what I need right now with how I feel like literal weeks are passing the span of time it takes for me to

Fall Sporting with only one football practice this week! The championship isn't until next week, so we got a little bit of a break. Meanwhile, I worked with Becky to finalize the end of season banquet details including the invitation, rsvp google form, caterer contract, and decor.

Teaching and finishing Spanish 1's first novel El Capibara con botas! Spanish 2 also finished their novel Tumba all of which is just in time for next weeks' Día de los muertos mini-unit! Spanish 2 Honors is continuing to work through El Silbón de Venezuela (chapters 4-8) while Spanish 3/4 started their first novel, La Llorona de Mazatlán. Spanish Club was busy selling candygrams & tissue paper flowers during lunch periods and on Friday my Spanish Club 'teachers' spent their club period in the kindergarten & first grade rooms at the elementary school teaching them a lesson about Day of the Dead!

Making crockpot potato soup, chicken alfredo and chocolate chip cookies for Brandon's birthday, steak'umm and potato bowls with melted cheese, turkey meatloaf, baked pizza 'toast,' and chicken, veggie casserole.

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