Boy Mom: Paper hearts

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One of my almost three year old boy's favorite activities is using his little scissors to cut paper into tiny bits that fly everywhere making impossible messes that I continue to find days later.  So one day recently, I attempted to hone that love for cutting into an actual skill and had him start to practice cutting things in straight lines and along curved dotted lines.

After a few pretty solid tries, I folded a paper in half and dotted out the half of a heart for him to cut along.  He concentrated with all his little boy mind and surprisingly cut pretty closely to the dots.

After he had cut the all the way around the half a heart:

Me:  "Open it, baby!  It's like a surprise"

Grey:  "Open it?"

Me:  "Yes!  What did you make?"

Grey (with honest delight & pride):  "Aha!  A butt-crack!"

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